Dragon Ball Super New Movie Release Date (2020)

Dragon Ball Super New Movie Release Date (2020)

A new dragon ball super movie has been confirmed to be coming, and we may now have a release date!

If you're unfamiliar with recent events, allow us to give you a recap: Akio Iyoku, the head of the Dragon Ball unit at Japanese entertainment company Shueisha, recently made comments during a recorded interview. Initially Published in a booklet as part of the Broly Movie Blu-ray before then being uploaded to Twitter, Iyoku's statements confirmed plans to produce another dragon ball super movie set after Broly.

"Now for our next steps, we are steadily preparing for the next movie," said Iyoku, according to Japanese-to-English translations provided by ComicBook.com. "Broly was so strong that I think the next one will probably be totally different. I've overcome various hurdles with parts of Broly, so I won't get burned out. I think that Dragon Ball will continue on, so I want fans to look forward to it."

Dragon Ball Super: Broly producer Norihiro Hayashida then as expected, corroborated Iyoku's claims, confirming that another Dragon Ball Super movie is indeed in development. Toei Animation, the studio that is behind Dragon Ball hasn't commented on the news, but they usually never do anyway. 

Despite this, more rumours have circulated following the lack of a new dragon ball super series airing in July, and rumours suggest now that the next movie will instead be announce in July with a release date of December this year, therefore releasing exactly 1 year after Dragon Ball Super.

These rumours have come from some top sources who have rarely been wrong before and even were the first to break the news that the mysterious saiyan of the last movie was indeed Broly. Hopefully, Toei come forward soon to set things straight.

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    sir what is the name of the film of dragon ball in that picture there will be mastered ultra instinct or not . I am requesting you to put goku’s mastered ultra instinct in your film please si

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