About Us

Who Are We?

First founded in 2015 by a team of anime lovers and enthusiasts, we've turned our love of the fandom and culture into a place where we can share the latest news and stories, collaborate and above all sell the HOTTEST anime merch in the game. No Cap.

Every single item we sell is hand-picked from thousands to be the most on trend, fashionable and down-right stunning pieces whether it be T-Shirts, Hoodies or of course, Caps.

We then get our own expertly chosen producers to hand make each of these designs with the finest in quality materials, from 100% Egyptian cotton to Luxury grade embroidery. We make sure that not only do you guys get more than what you pay for but at the same time get a piece of clothing that ultimately lasts a life-time.

Why Choose Us?

Well on top of being certified by every major payment option, having one of the most fair refund policies and offering complete protection on all transactions... We are also co-signed by some of the biggest and most popular anime YouTubers in the game, and have had the pleasure to not only work with, but also call YouTubers such as CALLMEARJ (187,000 Subscribers) and HeroesTranslated (320,000 Subsctibers) our valued and loyal customers.

Now when you have guys like that vouching for you, what more do you need to say?

Our Mission Statement

Our goal here is to make you look good and to provide a product that simply cannot be bought elsewhere. You may see the same designs, but never will you see same the quality we deliver. Everything is hand-made and produced by our own factories - no middlemen. And with that comes a level of quality control that is unmatched, with materials where no expense is spared all for the sake of quality rather then quantity. Buy one cap today, and just TRY to not come back for another. We dare you.


We'll see you at the check-out!