MANGEKYOU "Kakashi" Cap Luxury Embroidered

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The teacher of both Naruto and Sasuke, the 6th Hokage and the most badass adult ninja of the series. Hatake Kakashi and his mangekyou sharingan remains an ICONIC symbol of the show.

And now you too can possess the same eye and look damn good wearing it. Each of our hats are hand picked from thousands of designs to be the most stylish and captivating in absolutely any scenario.

At Anime No Cap we focus on the quality; anime fans like us are a rare breed of culture, and for that reason every single one of our hats is expertly hand-crafted and embroidered with luxury-grade materials guaranteed.


Material: 100% Egyptian Cotton
Hat Size: 
One Size Fits All
Strap Type: 
Adjustable (Premium Metal)
Embroidery Type: 
Luxury grade


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